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Aspiring model Ciera Thompson (Cici Damali) needs your help to compete in a life/career changing beauty pageant!

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Hi, I’m Ciera Thompson also know as Cici Damali (please read my bio). After unfortunate failure with my GoFundMe campaign, and discovering Sponsor4Change on Instagram, I have decided to switch campaign platforms. As you will see in my bio, I don’t come from money and always worked for opportunity and what I have. Life also wasn’t an easy breeze for me, and still remains as such. It’s been a while, exactly 4 years, since I competed in a beauty pageant and walked in a fashion show.  There were some dark times since my last competition and last runway shows, but I’m ready to rise above adversity, show the world what I have to offer and make a positive difference! I’m so grateful and honored to be contacted by the state director Shiemicka LaShanne and asked to compete in the 2017 New York’s & New Jersey’s Perfect Miss Model Competition! Not only is it a great opportunity to progress my modeling career, it’s also a great opportunity for me to  bring awareness to and increase my philanthropic efforts for causes of great importance to me (such as National Council of Negro Women, Project Excel/Tri-CYA/Huntington Youth Bureau, Big Brothers Big Sisters of America,  Breast /LungCancer Awareness,  women’s rights, civil/human rights, and more)!

The pageant competition is held in my home state of New York, in Manhattan (which I’m only an hour train ride away from, so I don’t need to worry about travel expenses), at Manhattan Ballroom Dance on Sunday, May 21st. I also already have a swimsuit for the Swimsuit part of competition, so I don’t need to worry about that either. I’m only asking for $2571.12 to help cover the entry fee, ad page, competition wardrobe (fashion walk outfit, evening gown, shoes), hair/nail expenses [which will be broken down below] and the Sponsor4Change.org estimated 6% service fee. If anyone knows about the pageant world, then you know pageants can be very expensive beyond what I’m asking for depending on the pageant system (usually famous competitions such as Miss America or Miss USA including their local state competitions have entry fees of $1,000 or more, not including wardrobe costs), which is why many who cannot afford them don’t even bother to apply to compete in them (which was me when I was younger). The first beauty pageant I competed in I received support from former high school teachers and my mother (who paid about $700 out of pocket that she really needed for bills). The 2nd and 3rd competitions I competed in I was sponsored by an anonymous donor. There is something called ‘Sponsorship’, in which many pageant contestants of all systems ask for from small businesses, family and friends to help them with competition costs. In New York it is very difficult to achieve sponsorship from businesses because many businesses “do not sponsor individuals”, “only sponsor non profit organizations or charities” or won’t donate to individuals if they don’t personally know them. I’m asking for anyone who would like to support me in my endeavors to sponsor me for the very bare minimal (I tried to make costs as low as possible) minus makeup (I am doing my own makeup- which will relate to another campaign I have/am creating), and the event is rapidly approaching so I need help ASAP!

As heartfelt and honest as I can be, I know why some will be skeptical and need to see the facts and where exactly the money I’m asking for is going. I also have screenshots of proof of costs in each item description.

Here is the Breakdown of Costs and links to purchase (all items are priced in USD currency):

Pageant Entry Fee- $595 (Must be made ASAP! The director is working with me on this, was due earlier. Can pay by Cash, Check or credit card or payment can be made via PayPal to Shiemicka LaShanne Consulting on http://www.nynjperfectpageants.com/index.html – scroll down on homepage. Contact  director@nynjperfectpageants.com or call  (917) 541-6739, she answers fast.)

1st Choice Evening Gown (heart set on this, but worried about shipping time, only has standard shipping)- $383.76 https://kourvosieurapparel.com/products/abyss-amrezy-dress [Gown is on sale for $349 plus $20.00 for shipping & $14.76 for taxes for a total of 383.76. Funds needed for this gown asap.

2nd choice Evening Gown (faster shipping, will arrive early)- $567.66 https://www.miabellacouture.com/products/jovani-50026 [Gown is $399 plus UPS Next Day Air Saver (1 business day) shipping is $168.66 for a total of $567.66.] Funds needed by Thursday early afternoon.

Fashion Walk Outfit & All Around Comp. Shoes- $115.97 www.fashionnova.com (‘Total Cutie Romper’ size Medium $27.99, ‘Can’t Say No Heel’ in Taupe size 8.5 $32.99 & ‘Too Good With These Boot’ in Nude size 8.5 $39.99) [Total is $100.97 if ordered by Wednesday for free 2 day shipping, if ordered after Wednesday the total is $115.97; they offer overnight shipping via FedEx for $15.00. The orders must be placed by 1 pm PST to be processed same day.]


Makeup Products- $257.30 https://www.youniqueproducts.com/products/landing?psid=570464 [I am doing my own makeup, just need funds for the products as I used up my face products already] ($196 for Glamour Grab Bag set/collection- shade ‘Cashmere’ for Touch Mineral Pressed Powder Foundation & Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation, shade ‘Perfect’ for Moodstruck Precision Pencil Eyeliner, color ‘Lustrous’ for Touch à la mode Powder Luminizer, Addiction Shadow Palette #5, & color ‘Soulful’ for Splash Liquid Lipstick. $29 for Touch Mineral Skin Perfecting Concealer in Satin. $12.89 for expedited/2 day shipping- must be ordered by Wednesday early afternoon & $19.41 for tax)

Nails: Silk Wrap Set with Gel Top Coat $55 from my local nail salon Effective Nail (They don’t have a website but their number is 1631-271-1688 and address is 26 Wall Street Huntington, NY 11743) Funds needed by Friday.

Hair Extensions- $325.89 http://ladiesluxuryhair.com/ (1 x Custom Color 2 Bundle Deal) Choices made are as follows [these selections will have to be made on a form that loads after you click the Custom Color 2 Bundle Deal]:

Bundle 2 : 24-26

6A,7A,8A : Normal (Last 3-6 months w/ proper care)

Origin : Brazilian

Hair Style : Deep Curly

Custom Color : 1B/33/27 Ombre

Upload Custom Color : Screenshot_2017-05-14-14-09-45.png

Clip In’s : No

$250.00 each

Shipping is $50.00 and tax is $25.89 for a total of $325.89.


Ad Page- $125 (Optional. With the ad page, I can publicly thank all the amazing sponsors that supported me for this opportunity in the state program book! – That is, if there is still time to submit ads for the program book. This can also be paid via the pageant’s website at http://www.nynjperfectpageants.com/index.html – scroll down on homepage, or PayPal- contact  director@nynjperfectpageants.com or call  (917) 541-6739)

Sponsor4Change.org estimated 6% fee- 2425.58 net goal  * 0.06 = $145.54 for fee.

Any support is greatly appreciated, and will even be rewarded with perks! Check out the perk levels! Again, all support is much appreciated, thank you so much in advance! To contact the beauty pageant director for proof of my acceptance in the competition or for any questions about the pageant, please email  director@nynjperfectpageants.com or call  (917) 541-6739.