Giving A Helping Hand To Syrian Refugees

When people try to create bans we will still create change! As Michelle Obama stated when they go low we go high!

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You’ve probably noticed the horrible things that are taking place in Syria and you want to know how you can help refugees? Also you’ve probably thought to yourself on how you can help families here that have made it to the U.S. or you even thought how can we help these individuals with the current ban against them for the next 120 days?

Well, Sponsor4Change is here to be of assistance we are going to help support Syrian refugees this season by raising funds for their needs. We will be buying winter items for refugees that are enduring this winter with no place to stay. These items include winter blankets, emergency cookstoves, and temporary shelters. To see how these items look please visit  Also the donations we collect will be used to purchase gift cards for families in the U.S. so they can buy the items that they seem fit for their family. The companies we will be buying cards from will be Walmart and Grocery Stores.

You’re probably wondering how we are going to get in touch with the families in America. Well we are supporting the International Rescue Committee who performs this work everyday nationally and internationally. We will be providing these services to families that are connected to their offices in the Los Angeles and Washington D.C. area. To see all of the various work they perform please visit their website at

Our goals based off our budget:

Item Price Quantity Total
Emergency Cookstoves 53.00                       10 530.00
Winter Blankets 84.00                       10 840.00
Temporary Shelters 54.00                       10 540.00
Walmart Gift Cards 50.00                       10 500.00
Grocery Gift Cards 25.00                       10 250.00
Sub Total 2,660.00
Processing Fees 1,596.00
Approximate Shipping Fees 24.00
Grand Total $4,280.00

With all of the recent bombings & shootings in Aleppo, Syria we were inspired to no longer sit around. When we heard of the current ban we were fueled to continue support for this campaign. Sponsor4Change is determined to tackle more issues such as these that require enormous amount of work & support. We will be calling these initiatives “Change Campaigns” because we will be the change that we want to see in the world! Look out for continuous great campaigns such as these during the year of 2017.

Once again this is our goal and we would love to do more than this! This is the impact we want to leave from the Sponsor4Change Family to yours be the change that you wish to see!
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