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I have built several haunted houses in my area over the last 10 years and have minor set backs that have prevented me from taking things over the top and becoming super successful. I have solid ideas but usually the funding is the hardest part to put together. This time I have come up with a full proof way of making sure to have a super successful Halloween Season.

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I have done 3 haunted houses in the past 10 years and have gotten to work side by side with some of the best in the Scare Business. The 3 haunted houses that I have done were called Digital Bill’s Slaughter House, Fright At Nautica, & X-Scream in West Palm Beach FL. This year we will not using as many animatronics as we have in the past.

We also will be using a new First Person Recording Invention Concept of my own design called Monster Vision. This means that there will be videos of every group that goes through our haunted house. We will be wiring up each room/area with cameras at multiple scare points through out each room. The cameras are special ones that record in 1080p and can see perfectly at night so that every detail gets recorded. Once your trip through the haunted house is completed you may choose whether you would like to purchase a dvd of the whole experience for $15.00 per disc. The recordings for each journey should be approximately 20 to 40 minutes long depending on how fast your group can make it through to the end. We will have many real people in the haunted house that will be in full professional make up and costume, you will not see any masks at our Haunted House.