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Around The World We Go is trying to bring different styles of dance from around the world to educate the youth in a competitive conference. We want the top choreographers to teach children from the ages of 8 to 13 their favorite styles of dance. We think this age group is critical in shaping a dancer because it prepares them before they start pursuing dance in high school and higher education. We think if they have professional experience at this age it will push them to pursue dance in various areas besides the style that they prefer. This will then shape them as a holistic dancer and make them competitive dancers on the globe at a young age.  Today we’re raising money to find the best choreographers from the top ten styles that our committee recommends. We will need help with travel expenses, housing, and food for our choreographers. Also we need help with renting a space to hold the conference at and we need to hire individuals to be customer service representatives throughout the conference.